About Us

We transform soccer sports data to resourceful insights

We specialize in analyzing thousands of soccer bets being placed on our platform by our tipsters as well as other match statistics to identify insightful patterns and trends that can help bettors make more informed and profitable betting decisions.

Features of our core products.

  • H2H data and previous matches.
  • Notifications to followers when bet is placed by tipster.
  • Tipster ranking engine
  • High quality insights generated by our data bots at affordable rates.
  • Channel notifications.

Our Goals

We are working to ensure we realize our goals below.

Be a leader in providing high quality insights covering both soccer pools and normal soccer betting to our users.
Maintain a return rate of atleast 20% to 35% by use of user and data driven analytics.
Develop and maintain high quality user facing softwares to enable seamless accesibility by our users.